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Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm PDT
a look at a u.s. combat veteran who allowed us to follow him for two years. that along with the newsweek in review as we continue. do you li? why can't you guys ask good questions like this? [ morgan ] for a chance to interview an nfl player... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. >>> welcome back. five years ago if you asked most americans they would tell you that glutens were muscles in your rear end. specifically the absence of them in gluten free products and baked goods are a $5 billion industry. there are city blocks from park slope to silver lake where all you can find is gluten-free bakeries. we needed to know, why now? why gluten? we asked josh mankiewicz. >> hot dogs. >> hot dogs. >> baseball wouldn't be the same without a hot dog and a beer. but are hot dogs and beer the same without gluten? >> gluten-free. >> reporter: from citi field in new york to coors field in denver all 30 ballparks offer gluten free food. >> why are you eating gluten free? >> i think it's healthier. >> welcome to the american past time. >> gluten free is better for you. >> the belief ther
Oct 25, 2012 10:00pm PDT
world, commander in chief of all u.s. forces says over twitter, the folks i just met over pizza in iowa are exactly why i love coming to this state. thanks for always making me feel at home. barack obama. another two-hour flight and we are in denver. there is a woman dressed as big bird and there is that line the president is using more and more. >> it might be romnesia. if you come down with a case of romnesia, it covers pre-existing conditions. >> how did that go, mr. president? >> great. >> afterwards, with his armored motorcade creeping along behind us, we have another chance to talk and the talk turns to foreign policy. >> mr. president, since we have been airborne, a person or persons of interest picked up in tunesia in connection with benghazi, the question is, have you been happy with the intelligence, especially in our post 1911 world? the assessment of your intelligence community was it was a spontaneous terrorist attack and were you happy with what you were able to learn as this unfolded. it went on for several hours. >> as i said, brian, we are going to do a full investigati
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)